Our Mission

Impact Students

Every year thousands of students see, hear, and feel the impact of an Emerge Experience in their school. Emerge Experience is more than just a program or a presentation, it's a life-changing experience for your entire student body. Students will be challenged to change, empowered to achieve, and inspired to dream.

The Program

About an hour in length, Emerge Experience captivates students attention through media, technology, the arts, and compelling story-telling, while addressing the most important issues in youth culture today including:

Bullying + Apathy + Suicide + Substance Abuse
Dreams + Hope + Achievements + Relationships

Partnering With Schools

We desire to shape radical change in this generation of students. We are committed to forging partnerships with schools in an effort to build better students, and create safer, more positive learning environments. Emerge Experience is sounding a clarion call to the students in your school, it's time to EMERGE!

What is the Emerge Experience?

A school assembly program that has affected thousands of students in a positive way. Keith Robinson brings an exciting, entertaining, and life changing experience to your students!

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