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Asst. Principal / Stacy Mason / North Vigo High School

"Keith Robinson presents a powerful message that captivates students from beginning to end."

Principal / Sherman Smith / Austin High School

"This is my 20th year here and this convocation ranks up there as the top we've ever had...Our students heard topics that touched them. I know that it will make a difference in our students. I highly recommend you!"

Principal / Dr. Tammy Roeschlein / Chauncey Rose Middle School

"Keith Robinson did a great job of speaking to our students. He held their attention as he taught important character qualities that all students must possess to make good choices."

Reginald Simmons / Dean of Students / Hamilton Southeastern High School

"My first impression of you was that you are very passionate about sharing your story with others. Sometimes with speakers that is a huge hurdle to clear. I am inspired by your story and the way kids respond to you. You have a genuine quality that is hard to find and is an asset much needed in speakers today!"

Jon Milleman / Principal / Hamilton Southeastern High School

"Mr. Robinson connected with our students on a real level. One way I measure success of an assembly speaker is the discussion as students leave the room. On this occasion, several students stayed behind to ask Keith questions and relate their issues to him. That's a good sign."

Jason Urban / Principal / Fishers High School

"Often high school aged students are talked down to and told what is right and wrong. Your message forced students to reflect on how they treat others in their daily lives. Our students could really relate to your experiences and your approach to the topic. Your message mirrored the message we are giving the students. However, I believe your experiences gave you more credibility with the students than others talking to them about this topic. Thanks again."

Quinn / Castle High School

"Just wanted you to know your speech changed my life! You are my heroes!"

Anthony / Castle High School

"It was amazing. I was getting the chills the whole way through. Not only did it change my life and the way I think, the Emerge Experience showed me that I have a purpose."

Cassidy / Harrison High School

"As soon as the assembly was over I realized that I need to stop running from all of my problems. I started talking to my guidance counselor and I wanted to let you guys to know that you have given me hope!"

Annie / Castle High School

"Hands down the best assembly guest speaker I've ever heard!"

Lauren / Castle High School

"Thank you so much for what you did at my school today. It was truly an experience I will never forget."

Christian / Roosevelt High School

"This presentation was the best I have ever seen!"

Daniah / Alan Park High School

"You helped me realize I'm not alone."

Tyler / Woodhaven High School

"Thank you for being a living example that there is always hope."

Savannah / Alan Park High School

"Starting today I am going to make better choices. Thank you so much for bringing the Emerge Experience to my school."

Samantha / Lincoln High School

"I have to admit I've struggled finding someone to look up to until you guys came to my school. Thanks!"

Nate / South East Polk High School

"After hearing Keith's message I feel like I woke up from the dead!"

What is the Emerge Experience?

A school assembly program that has affected thousands of students in a positive way. Keith Robinson brings an exciting, entertaining, and life changing experience to your students!

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