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Keith's Story

Keith Robinson's life story is one that is both tragic and triumphant. Labeled an "at-risk" youth, Keith began running with the wrong crowd at an early age and eventually became the type of youth most parents don't want their children to be around. Keith knew things had to change and after getting out of bed one morning he looked at his mom and said, "I'm glad to be alive today." Keith describes it as the day he "woke up" and realized that he had to do something positive with his life.

Dreams + Achievement + Hope + Relationships

Living Without Limits

Apathy is the number one requested topics that Keith gets asked to speak about. In America dreams die everyday for a variety of reasons, creating an attitude of "why try?" among students. So many students give up on their dreams when they don't realize their best days are still in front of them. Rearview mirror living will cause students to crash, but forward focused living will create endless opportunities for success. Keith challenges students during this segment to dare to dream again and to get over the fear of what other people think, in order to create a sense of personal worth and value.

Apathy + Dreams

Turning Your Pain Into Potential

Suicide, loss of a parent, abuse, broken home…these are just a few issues that many students are dealing with or surrounded by everyday. These emotionally traumatic events often leave students feeling helpless and hopeless. This segment will challenge students to move from coping to overcoming. Drawing from a wealth of personal experience, Keith shares practical ways students can overcome any level of adversity or disappointment to achieve at their highest level.

Suicide + Hope

Chasing Cool

"Cool" is a moving target. What's in today is out tomorrow in our culture where trends often determine everything from peer groups to popularity contests. Students today are facing extreme amounts of pressure to look, talk, and act a certain way to find acceptance. Keith challenges students during this segment to take off the "mask" and embrace a life of authenticity which help students regain focus on what's really important in life; relationships, education, and work ethic.

Bullying + Relationships

What is the Emerge Experience?

A school assembly program that has affected thousands of students in a positive way. Keith Robinson brings an exciting, entertaining, and life changing experience to your students!

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